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First off, this book was way below my reading level I would say it is really amusing for the pre teens and early teens It has that Disney movie vibe of cheesiness, yet still enjoyable The plot was good enough, I suppose, though I wish there was something less predictable I read both the books in the series as this book in particular is both of them combined The adventures Helene and Alexis experience is cute and their relationship is interesting What I didn t like was their shallowness Perhaps it s because of the target audience is younger, I still found their reactions and emotions too short or no deeper development to them They are supposedly best friends sisters, yet in a flash suddenly they aren t Then in a flash are Then not Then are The quick transitions between buddy buddy and not was a little annoying It seemed too shallow and I know that I would have feelings behind it The author kind of brushed on those feelings, having the sisters jealousy underneath fuel their bet, but even their fights didn t seem like fights The characters called it a tremendous fight, but to me, I was wondering to myself, That was a fight The second book was a little better, especially with what the girls felt towards each other and how the divorce of parents influenced them I didn t like the the gap with Simon and it bugged me about Lazlo since I had no clue what they did I guess it was happily ever after for everyone, though some minor details just made it a meh book Also, the switching of p.o.v s was a little confusing A good, quick read to distract your mind Highly suggested for younger peeps, who I m sure would love it a lot. I really liked this book This book was about two stepsisters that are best friends and complete opposites one is preppy and one is punk But no matter how different they may be they are always there for each other Theses sisters have some the richest parents in the country and are off to London with their aunt for a little vacation But what Alexis the preppy sided sister doesn t know is that her sister has a huge crush on prince William When she finds out though she decides to put her sisters crush up for a bet to see who can get him first That is until they meet two British boys who are as well best friends Which puts there feelings and commitment to the test Who do you think they will chose. [Free Ebook] ⚕ To Catch a Prince ♉ Two Books In OneStepsisters And Best Friends Helene Masterson And Alexis Worth Could Not Be Different One Is Preppy, One Is Punky It S A Wonder They Get Along At All But They Do Agree On Something How Much They Love Royalty When They Get The Chance To Travel To Exotic Locations Like London And Paris, Where Actual Princes Live, They Know This Is Their Only Shot To Become Royalty Themselves Too Bad Other, Non Prince Boys Keep Popping Up And Trying To Ruin Everything Will Helene And Alexis Give Up Their Tiara Wearing Dreams For Their New Ridiculously Cute Reality Or Is It Really Possible To Catch That Prince The Race Is On In This Bind Up Edition Of Two Novels By McKnight To Catch A Prince And The Frog Prince Would I read it again Hell no but it wasn t as bad i thought it was going to be So yeah 3 stars I am led to believe that these are Gillian McKnight s first books and I applaud her for it Completing a book and getting it published is not an easy task.I grew up closer to the poor side than the rich side of things so this book wasn t super relatable for me I couldn t believe that Alexis could go out and in one afternoon come back with an internship from Vogue Nor could I comprehend spending lavish amounts of money on nothing at all The girls decided to fly to Malta to see Prince William like it was no big deal Their boyfriends also flew out to see them Maybe this actually happens but it was implausible to me.I appreciated how Gillian broached the subject of divorce It is a sticky situation and anger is natural I thought that she portrayed anger incredibly well I could super identify with the girls whenever they were angry with their estranged parents It was well written and I think that any girls who are going through a messy divorce could find real solace in this book.My biggest criticism is that the first book and the second book are exactly the same The exact same formula is used and it wasn t for me There are also some inconsistencies between the two books Alexis and Simon are crazy in love and then just a little time later, they call it quits because Alexis is over it She made a grand gesture and then it just faded On the other hand, Laszlo and Helene were made for each other but then Laszlo just stops e mailing I did really enjoy the romance for Alexis in the sequel It was organic and I could see it developing into a nice friendship I really enjoyed meeting Phillipe and understanding why Alexis was so scared throughout the process of it.I know that I said my biggest criticism was that the books were the exact same but I lied My biggest criticism is that in both books, the girls get into a stupid argument and don t talk for weeks and weeks I have a sister and we are best friends We fight but I could never go without talking to her for even a day I couldn t relate to it at all I just don t understand how a stupid argument could get in between them for so long.The book was very dream fulfilling while still teaching some hard lessons It is easy to think that we have it all figured out only to realize how wrong we are Our dreams aren t always what is right for us and it is a good realization to have even if it is a hard one There was a lot of romance in the novels but there s also a lot of self discovery for both of the girls which is super important for girls of all ages to read about It was interesting to see how each girl would try out different roles in order to see what they ultimately want out of life. It s finally over. Review posted on Alexa Loves BooksTo Catch a Prince was just as light, fluffy and pleasant a read as I expected it to be and sometimes, that s the kind of book I really enjoy Though it was quite an easy read I finished it in under four hours , I thought that Gillian McKnight did a lovely job enticing me into reading about these two best friends stepsisters and their adventures over the span of two summers.What drew me into the story was not the plot although that was pretty fun, especially considering the amazing locales of London and Paris that the girls get to visit and the cool internships they both get to have It wasn t the romance aspect either although I m definitely leaning towards the French men.No, what really drew me in were the two main characters themselves Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth.Helene is depicted as being outrageously funky and eclectic, her own uniqueness constantly shining through no matter how she hides it I loved her artistic literary knowledge, and I have the feeling the two of us would be thick as thieves when it came to reading books and exploring foreign cities She s also quite outgoing, the social butterfly and throughout the book, I found her to be engaging.Alexis, on the other, despite some similarities, is self contained, poised and almost regal She s the classic beauty of the two, and I can see her dressed in the most put together, stylish, preppy looking clothes in my mind Though initially, I would have written her off as a spoiled rich brat, I found myself warming towards her when I noted her love of fashion, her secret romantic side and her determination to accomplish her goals.Their relationship is really what I loved about the book they re best friends and stepsisters, how cool is that And though the books cover some very interesting bumps in the road when it comes to their friendship most of which involve a certain prince and family issues , I loved how they truly cared for one another in the way that only the truest and best of friends can Just reading their conversations, silly plans and escapades made me smile because I could imagine getting into similar scrapes with my own friends, who I consider just as much my family as my actual family.Final say This book is a light, charming read I d consider it perfect for a quick commute or a trip to the beach. I really liked these books The plots were interesting and kept me reading and the personalities of the characters were really described really good This book consisted of two stories To catch a Prince and The Frog Prince.To catch a Prince This story is about stepsisters and best friends Alexis Worth and Helene Masterson and its their summer vacation and their going to London Helene the punky and smart one has a summer internship at a art museum On the plane ride she admits to Alexis the preppy and pretty one that she has a crush on Prince William They make a bet on who can catch him first hence the title before the summer ends They have some crazy adventures but meet some new people and actually makes some great new friends and some love occurs, of course There is a hint to the next book where we know the location which Helene says, Then we ll meet up again, Helen grinned Next summer In France The Frog Prince Helene is going to see her dad and his new wife who is a movie star and who Helene thinks is going to be horrible She seems upset because Laszlo has not been emailing or calling her Alexis gets a fax from her mother who she has not seen for a long time and that she wants to have her on her ship in Greece They like the previous book, have some crazy adventures and actually have a good trip The ending was sweet and left off on a good note Overall this was a great book and will be loved by many girls and maybe boys you never know Hope you enjoy this book like I did This book made me and everyone else who will read it feel like a princess because everyone can be a princess if they just try. This book was written for a teen just trying to pass the time without being COMPLETELY bored out of their mind It wasn t amazing writing, nor was it a very original plot line, but it had just enough of a cliche touch to it to interest me into buying it, that and the fact that it had two books in one score It wasn t awful to read like some school books, but it wasn t a page turner Only took me a few days to finish because of its huge font and lack of need of thought while reading If i hadn t been stuck in a hotel room with nothing else to do other than watch the US Golf Open, i probably wouldn t have finished it I do not recommend this book, but i am also not condemning itchokengtitiktitikchokengs this is one of the books i read over the summer for Avery s class I really enjoyed this book Even though it was so stupid that they would ever think they call fall in love with Prince William and have them fall in love with the children like ok maybe if it was another world and prince william wasn t like 30 and them being 15 lol But their own boys they eventually fall forthat was cute.