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This is a dark and atmospheric story set in 19th century Skye in Scotland It focuses on the unquestioned belief in fairies and other supernatural beings, both friendly and malign The main character Audrey is documenting this folklore as the wealthy and educated powers that be attempt to eradicate it The story explores the idea that perhaps its eradication is a good thing People and animals suffer because of cruel attempts to remove enchantments from them.The story is also a personal journey about women trying to do the right thing for others in the face of the men who hold all the power Young women are abused by the men who are responsible for their welfare with no hope of justice But as one of the characters says, the good people can find a way to win. The Story Keeper is set in God s own garden, the beautiful, haunting landscape of the Isle of Skye, my favourite place on earth Set in a time of deep trouble for its residents, when greed and pitiless cruelty were in the forefront of driving every hard working person from the island For his is the time of the clearances a time when Gaelic is about to be put under serious threat when traditional farming methods can no longer sustain families and when landlords are both increasing rents and turning people off land they have family farmed for generations.This is the atmospheric and haunting setting for the exploration of the myths and legends of the island Audrey Hart has travelled from London, she has pretty much run away by the sound of it, though we don t know why and she takes the long and wet journey to Lanerly Hall on Skye Presided over by the matriarchal figure of Miss Buchanan, Lanerly Hall is an old, dilapidated house full of stuffed animals and creaking corridors Audrey has come in response to an advert placed by Miss Buchanan, seeking someone who can help her collect the stories of the islanders the myths and legends of the legendary faerie folk that still form part of their daily superstitions and practices, especially around the sea.For just as the islanders way of life is under threat, so is the tradition of oral story telling passed down through generations and Miss Buchanan is determined to capture the stories before they are lost for ever.Arriving into this maelstrom of change, and with an agenda of her own, Audrey must contend with a hostile game keeper, a laird who seems to have little or no compassion for his tenants a minister who breathes fire and fury and a group of villagers who are less than impressed by incomers When girls start to go missing, that suspicion only intensifies and Audrey has no idea who she can trust.Anna Mazzola creates a beautifully dark and gothic atmosphere in which to explore the folklore and legends of the islanders Her prose is fluid and flawless and she creates a magical and mysterious environment in which anything is possible.Sitting at her metaphorical loom, Mazzola weaves a rich and varied tapestry with multiple threads and plot lines which come together to form a magnificent story of death, destruction and stubborn courage. The Story Keeper is a smashing novel The characters pop off the pages Right from the off, the main protagonist, Audrey, seamlessly drew me into the story and I felt as though the heroine s very capillaries spoke to me I was rooting for and journeyed with Audrey at every stage of her adventure The other key character that I revelled in was the setting on omnipotent presence within the tale that soaked into everything in and around it, and which seems to have taken up residence within my own bone marrow it haunts me still.Most exciting of all was that I found the writing flawless Ms Mazzola has made every sentence and word, every character and story beat count so that no flabbiness exists, no tedious author s ego shimmies through Clues are dropped in so gracefully that the reveal at the end is a delight and the reader, certainly this one, experiences a full, rounded, evocative, satisfying read.The Story Keeper also reveals a brilliant and original story idea well told and feels as though the entire work is several notches up from The Unseeing The impressive and remarkable leap in writing fluidity and the verve with which Ms Mazzola has told the tale makes me wonder if either she was holding back with her debut or the difference in the the writer s maturity is due to some kind of voodoo magic.Either way, this ones a keeper, story and all. Thorough enjoyed this book I love folklore and although I don t usually read historical fiction, the writing pulled me in from the first page I loved the descriptions and the prose and found myself absorbed in the story The use of Gaelic was wonderful and it was so similar to my native Irish The story is all about Audrey who travels to Scotland to help an elderly lady collect the folklore and stories from the locals There are young women disappearing and then showing up after a time and the locals believe its the fairies and bad spirits I devoured this book waiting to see what was really happening on Skye and loved every bit of it This is an author I am looking forward to readingof A chilling, atmospheric tale of mystery, folklore, and murder all rolled into one. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ☠ The Story Keeper ⇻ Bleary Eyed This Morning As I Stayed Up Late To Finish Anna Mazzola S The Story Keeper Was It Worth It Hell Yes James Oswald Rich In Character And Description, This Is A Riveting Gothic Flavoured Story That Is Shaped By Local Folklore, Myths And Legends Woman Home A Twisty, Atmospheric Crime Story Daily Mail An Atmospheric And Eerie Read Prima Gripping Gothic Thriller BBC History Magazine The Book Has The Wonderfully Creepy Flavour Of The Work Of Victorian Suspense Novelists Like Sheridan Le Fanu And Even Some Of The Dark, Mysterious Magic Of The Folk Stories Audrey Loves Sunday Express Dripping In Atmosphere, With Powerful Characters This Creepy Tale Of Drowned Maidens, Shape Shifting Spirits, Changelings And Bad Fairies, Casts Its Own Powerful Brand Of Dark Magic Sunday Mirror Filled With Narrative Drive And Energy The Sunday Times As Eerie And Atmospheric As It Is Enthralling And Beautiful Heat Wonderfully Eerie And Atmospheric Mystery That Keeps The Reader Enthralled From The First Page Right To The Very Last Anna Weaves Tales Of Suspense And Intrigue That The Story Keepers In The Title Would Be Proud Of Daily ExpressFrom The Author Of The Highly Acclaimed THE UNSEEING Comes A Sizzling, Period Novel Of Folk Tales, Disappearances And Injustice Set On The Isle Of Skye, Sure To Appeal To Readers Of Hannah Kent S BURIAL RITES