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One of my favorite books about surfing Tells the full story from multiple perspectives while never straying from the main topic Fascinating information and easy to read. A good readable overview of surfing The authors keep it fresh and not derivative of previous narratives.Not sure that I agree with the authors avoiding the topic of modern professional surfing The quality level of modern professional surfing is insane right now Not that it has much to do with what most surfers do, but it has a lot to do with what most surfers want to do if they are honest with themselves. A good balance of storytelling and factual research history The real story of the history of surfing. As someone born in San Clemente, many of the names and places bring back memories This is the consummate text as to the history and pathology of surfing This is the first book to really give George Freeth his due even though no mention is made of the fact that he saved a bunch of Japanese fishermen in California and they named a town after him This book also recognizes Miki Dora for what he was Westwick does give short shift to Big Wednesday, a film that had a mega effect on the masses and he effectively tones down Greg Noll s constant cursing it s old hat Noll you re cool, we get it Brilliant stuff. `Download Book ☄ The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing (English Edition) ⇻ A Definitive And Highly Readable History Of Surfing And The Cultural, Political, Economic, And Environmental Consequences Of Its Evolution From A Sport Of Hawaiian Kings And Queens To A Billion Dollar Worldwide IndustryDespite Its Rebellious, Outlaw Reputation, Or Perhaps Because Of It, Surfing Occupies A Central Place In The American And Global Imagination, Embodying The Tension Between Romantic Counterculture Ideals And Middle Class Values, Between An Individualistic Communion With Nature And A Growing Commitment To Commerce And Technology In Examining The Enduring Widespread Appeal Of Surfing In Both Myth And Reality, The World In The Curl Offers A Fresh Angle On The Remarkable Rise Of The Sport And Its Influence On Modern Life Drawing On Peter Westwick And Peter Neushuls Expertise As Historians Of Science And Technology, The Environment, And The Cold War, As Well As Decades Of Experience As Surfers Themselves, The World In The Curl Brings Alive The Colorful History Of Surfing By Drawing Readers Into The Forces That Fueled The Sport S Expansion Colonialism, The Military Industrial Complex, Globalization, Capitalism, Environmental Engineering, And Race And Gender Roles In An Engaging And Provocative Narrative History From The Spread Of Surfing To The United States, To The Development Of Surf Culture, To The Reintroduction Of Women Into The Sport, To Big Wave Frontiers The Authors Draw An Indelible Portrait Of Surfing And Surfers As Actors On The Global Stage