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You may think from the words I have chosen to describe the book that I don t like it nothing could be further from the truth For all intents and purposes this book is a fairy tale and not in a demeaning or condescending way In a book like this you want the hero to be to good to be true You want the villain to be beyond evil and impossible to defeat except by superhuman means The plot may be predictable but that doesn t mean that you don t want to see how the hero overcomes the obstacles in his way That is why I called it nostalgic because it takes you to the mind set of being a small chilld hearing or reading other tales of this kind The plot is basically this stepmother gets elder loved prince banished so her son can rule prince goes slays demon and returns to rule the kingdom You have heard,read,and seen this plot a thousand times It doesn t mean that it is uninteresting or boring The reason you read a story like this is to be nostalgic for your childish wonder at a story like this. Great book to read and understand the Bhagavad Gita principles of man s nature with the universe and his karmatic manifestations of our reincarnations. At the risk of offending a Sita Ram devotee, I would like only to say that this version of the Ramayan may not be the best available It is inexpensive, short, written by a notable Indian writer and used widely in academia It is uncontroversial But it is lifeless by comparison to other versions In order to participate in a classroom discussion Narayan s version is no useful than reading wikipedia At the risk of provoking some anger I would recommend instead reading Arrow of the Blue Skinned God by Jonah Blank It tells the story extremely well and gives insight into the narrative s ongoing cultural significance It is also first rate travel writing looking at India in the late 1980 s during a time when travel was still cheap and hard Accessible to high school students. I had to read this book for school, and it was honestly hard to put down sometimes I really enjoyed it and am excited to discuss it with my classmates. |Download Book ♩ The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic (Penguin Classics) (English Edition) eBook: R. K. Narayan: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. ♵ The Greatest Indian Epic, One Of The World S Supreme Masterpieces Of StorytellingA Penguin Classic A Sweeping Tale Of Abduction, Battle, And Courtship Played Out In A Universe Of Deities And Demons, The Ramayana Is Familiar To Virtually Every Indian Although The Sanskrit Original Was Composed By Valmiki Around The Fourth Century BC, Poets Have Produced Countless Versions In Different Languages Here, Drawing On The Work Of An Eleventh Century Poet Called Kamban, Narayan Employs The Skills Of A Master Novelist To Re Create The Excitement He Found In The Original A Luminous Saga Made Accessible To New Generations Of Readers, The Ramayana Can Be Enjoyed For Its Spiritual Wisdom, Or As A Thrilling Tale Of Ancient ConflictFor Than Seventy Years, Penguin Has Been The Leading Publisher Of Classic Literature In The English Speaking World With Than ,titles, Penguin Classics Represents A Global Bookshelf Of The Best Works Throughout History And Across Genres And Disciplines Readers Trust Theseries To Provide Authoritative Texts Enhanced By Introductions And Notes By Distinguished Scholars And Contemporary Authors, As Well As Up To Datetranslations By Award Winning Translators