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This memoir is worth reading simply because Hans Ulrich Rudel its author was the most successful dive bomber pilot of WW2 and therefore, he definitely had quite a few stories to tell You may agree or disagree with Rudel on many political and ideological questions I, for one, still do but if you disregard those instances, Rudel s missions and skills are definitely worth reading about As a cadet, he was a slow student who was dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot Instead, he found himself in a Ju 87 s cockpit, had quite a few mishaps with it, spent the beginning of his career grounded and was all but dismissed as hopeless by his squadron commanders But with the sheer persistence and almost admirable stubbornness, he managed not only to learn the ropes of dive bombing but soon became the most successful of them all His posting in the Eastern front in its various parts shows him as an already mature pilot who not only knows the enemy, weather, terrain, possibilities of his aircraft and its advantages and disadvantages compared to the enemy but also does his best to teach his newest replacement pilots in order for them to survive in the air.Besides various missions and front movements, which are all described in great detail and are an invaluable research source for any history buff, I particularly enjoyed reading about little bits of regular air base life and different anecdotes involving Rudel and his comrades Playing ice hockey with his leg in a plaster driving the Stuka on a highway as one would drive a car due to the thick fog helping the infantry fellows on the ground with fishing by dropping a bomb into the river almost shooting a friend instead of a hare during a hunt the hell of the war is mixed with a healthy dose of humorous situations, which makes a grim subject a bit easier to read about.Do not expect much from a literary point of view it s definitely not The Forgotten Soldier or All Quiet on the Western Front and there won t be any marvelous descriptions or heart wrenching paragraphs that will steal your breath away But it s a remarkable book nevertheless just because a remarkable pilot wrote it I d definitely recommend it to everyone interested in WW2 and namely the Luftwaffe. #Read Epub ô Stuka Pilot º Autobiography Of World War Two Luftwaffe Pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel, The Most Highly Decorated German Serviceman Of WW, And The Only One To Be Awarded The Third Reich S Most Prestigious Medal Which Was Specially Created For Rudel By Hitler Himself, The Knight S Cross Of The Iron Cross With Golden Oak Leaves, Swords And DiamondsShot Down Over Times, Hans Rudel Is Credited With Destroying Over Tanks Ground Targets, The Russian Battleship Marat, Two Cruisers And A Destroyer, And Was So Successful Against Russian Forces That Joseph Stalin Put Up A , Rouble Ransom On His Head His Flying Record Of Over , Combat Missions Remains Unmatched By Any Pilot SinceUntil His Death In Hans Rudel Remained A Loyal Supporter Of Adolf Hitler, And National Socialism Hans Rudel Remained A Complex Character, But Arguably One Of WW S Most Heroic Figures This Is A New Edition Of This Classic War Epic Which Includes New Maps, Photographs, And Footnotes, With An Introduction By British Air Ace Group Captain Douglas Bader I had never heard of the pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel until I saw his name mentioned several times while leafing through a few older books about the Luftwaffe When I noticed his incredible list of wartime exploits, I have to admit I was intrigued enough to learn about him His career was meteoric to say the least, yet began in a very unorthodox manner when contrasted with the widely known Luftwaffe aces of his day Deemed a slow learner and a pilot of mediocre abilities by his superiors, Rudel was not considered a suitable fighter pilot candidate and was subsequently assigned to observation and reconnaissance missions at the very beginning of the war His early career in the Luftwaffe seemed to be characterized by bitterness and strife when dealing with his superior officers The charismatic Rudel was nevertheless determined to make a difference in the war and prove his superiors mistaken in their gross underestimation of his abilities In the rigidly disciplined Luftwaffe, having an aggressive personality or being an outspoken individual could be detrimental if not terminal to a young pilots fledgling career Fortunately for Rudel, he managed to get himself transferred to dive bombing training in 1940, where he quickly learned to perfect the new military discipline with devastating efficiency His outspoken nature and stubborn individualism was soon enough overlooked as he began to lead his fellow Stuka pilots and perform exceptionally well on their dangerous missions Having discovered his true calling at last, Rudel began immediately to make his presence felt in the German war effort Rudels remarkable accomplishments came in rapid succession, enabling him to develop a legendary name for himself while imprinting fear into the hearts and minds of his Soviet opponents much like Baron Manfred Von Richtoffen did in the First World War on the Western Front Although the point is debatable, it is easy to understand how Hans Ulrich Rudel might be considered the most valuable soldier in the Second World War In all, he flew over 2,500 combat missions, downed 11 enemy aircraft, destroyed 519 tanks, 4 ard trains, several bridges, over 1000 trucks and transport vehicles, 70 landing craft, two battle cruisers, a destroyer, and the Soviet Battleship Marat Is it any wonder that Josef Stalin placed the highest bounty on Rudel s head On several occasions he landed behind enemy lines to rescue downed airmen from his unit, and on one momentous occasion things went disastrously wrong but I wont spoil the harrowing story for you, the reader His accomplishments were so impressive that Hitler himself insisted on creating a new award to distinguish Rudel from all other German military and civilian aces and heroes of the day Thus, Rudel was the only soldier in Germany to earn The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with GOLDEN Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds The book started out a tad slow for my liking, but became a damned good read once Rudel found his true calling in 1940 What fascinated me the most about this book is the sporadic insight we are given into the nature and inner workings of the German military machine and the German High Command itself I also enjoyed reading about his interactions with the notable personalities of Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler in particular One can gather that Hitler held Rudel in very high esteem, since he allowed very few people to publicly disagree with him or express their true thoughts in his presence as Rudel often did Knowing full well that Germany had lost the war, Rudel had the audacity near the end of the conflict to ask Hitler why Germany couldn t surrender to the Western Allies in order to continue their fight against the Soviet Union unhindered The fact that Hitler took the time to patiently explain to Rudel why this wasn t an option for Germany further demonstrates the astonishing respect Hitler must have had for him Any other military officer in Germany mentioning inconvenient truths in front of Hitler at this point in time hero or no would have been quickly hauled away and shot for defeatism To this day, Hans Ulrich Rudel remains the most decorated combat pilot of any nation in the history of warfare Rudel was, beyond a doubt, one of the toughest, bravest, and most charismatic human beings produced by our species He was an incredibly skilled pilot supremely successful at what he did, and his incomparable exploits on the Eastern Front make these memoirs a compelling read It is for these reasons that I recommend this book to all readers regardless of political beliefs, religious affiliation, or any moral reservations due to Rudels unrepentant allegiance to Nazi Germany and the person of Adolf Hitler. On time delivery and contents was as per described prior shipment.I strongly recommend Thanks Great book Truly an amazing story I expected it to be pro Nazi based on what I d heard about Rudel, but I found it to be a story of a aviator fighting for his country His disdain for Ivan is obvious but I m sure it is common for a soldier to feel the same about his enemy.It s interesting to hear his internal struggles in his mind as in the time where he had one cannon jammed and one round in the other cannon while he was engaging Ivan tanks defended by veteran antiaircraft gunners.Or the time when he was in a dog fight with a hero of RussiaOr the time when he landed 30 miles behind enemy lines to rescue downed aviators from his squadron as he did on numerous occasions and was unable to take off again.I find it shameful that a soldier on the allies side stole his logbook that had every sortie described in detail for a souvenir Imagine the book that could have been written from that Hopefully some day the logbook will be recovered and published.