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Free Pdf ☬ BSAVA Small Animal Formulary ⚕ Celebrating Its Twentieth Anniversary, The BSAVA Small Animal Formulary Remains The Indispensable Guide To Drugs Used In Veterinary Practice This Edition Has Been Fully Revised And Updated By An Editorial Panel Of Experts As With Previous Editions, A Number Of New Drug Monographs Have Been Added, Including Cetirizine, Cisapride, Moxifloxacin And Torasemide, Whilst Those Drugs No Longer Authorized For Use In Veterinary Practice Have Been Removed The Inclusion Of Examples Of Immunosuppressive Protocols In The Appendix Enhances The Complementary Information Provided In The Formulary Hi,I cant directly review this book I purchased it for my granddaughter who is a Vet Nurse and she if very happy with it, maybe she should mention the finer details Regards Brian I very recently bought a similar book from Print Books USA They clearly give you the impression that they are a USA based company, but when the book is shipped to you it arrives from New Delhi, India that should tell you something right there When I first saw that I had a package arriving from Fedex Express, New Delhi, I was a bit nonplussed But, I quickly determined it was the book.When the package arrived, it was clean and undamaged No bends, creases or marks on the package itself I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this because I am so used to getting beaten up books from the USPS through , where you can immediately tell from the package the book is a goner.To be clear, I bought the book as a new book, paid the new book price, just as this one When I opened the package, the book was covered in dirt and grime Black dirt It had a massive crease, not just on the cover, but one that penetrated EVERY single page in the book, along the vertical axis of the book As if someone had stuck it in a vise and clamped it good Every page in the book was creased, not just in one spot, but perhaps 10 or 20 spots on each page, suggesting that it had been someone s school textbook It had been well read Over and over Dirt on the inside pages ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT IT WAS A HIGHLY USED BOOK.I contacted the seller and he offered a refund It never appeared I told the seller the same spiel, but he still insisted that it was delivery damage Not possible Physically impossible If the package is unblemished, then the only way to damage the book without damaging the package is if you happen to know the Five Fingers of Death Kung Fu Technique, and you use it on the book.I cannot say that my story is being repeated in all of their bookselling, but if you receive an obvious used book and the seller obviously tries to cover it up and lies about it, then I don t think that bodes well for their business ethos They have the appearance of someone that is selling used books for new I have told about this, but they have done nothing You can hardly blame a multibillion megacompany like for not bothering with swatting gnats like this So, I leave it to you good people to help with the swatting.Print Books USA Not from USA Liars Fraudsters Avoid