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~BOOK ♘ Jerkbait ♤ Even Though They Re Identical, Tristan Isn T Close To His Twin Robbie At Alluntil Robbie Tries To Kill Himself Forced To Share A Room To Prevent Robbie From Hurting Himself, The Brothers Begin To Feel The Weight Of Each Other S Lives On The Ice, And Off Tristan Starts Seeing His Twin Not As A Hockey Star Whose Shadow Tristan Can T Escape, But A Struggling Gay Teen Terrified About Coming Out In The Professional Sports World Robbie S Future In The NHL Is Plagued By Anxiety And The Mounting Pressure From Their Dad, Coach, And Scouts, While Tristan Desperately Fights To Create His Own Future, Not As A Hockey Player But A Musical Theatre Performer As Their Season Progresses And Friends Turn Out To Be Enemies, Robbie Finds Solace In An Online Stranger Known Only As Jimmy Between Keeping Robbie S Secret And Saving Him From Taking His Life, Tristan Is Given The Final Call Sacrifice His Dream For A Brother He Barely Knows, Or Pursue His Own Path How Far Is Robbie Willing To Goand Importantly, How Far Is Tristan Willing To Go To Help Him For a middle aged woman, I read a lot of YA And a lot of the YA included, if not stars, LGBTA characters Jerkbait was a book with which I struggled, because I had trouble liking any of the characters We are given a cursory explanation of why the mother character seems like an utter homophobe, which amounts to her actually having loved her gay brother It doesn t make any sense in the book.The main thing is that we have this very suicidal character, Robbie By the use of very, I mean he is actively and repeatedly trying to kill himself, and no one is helping him I mean, ostensibly, this is because his parents want him to be recruited, drafted, whatever, and make buckets of money as a hockey player, and they fear if his suicidal desires come to light, this will be ruined But they re doing nothing to keep him alive, either This is before they find out he is gay, as opposed to their theater loving son Which I appreciate makes a good point about stereotypes.His twin brother, Tristan the Theater Kid, who is technically the main character, is beyond selfish as well Yes, he is been pushed aside by his horrible parents due to his lack of interest in, and lesser ability on, the ice, but he spends a lot of time whining about not being close to his brother, only to shut down his brother s desperate efforts to engage We are told his brother is abusive and cold, and there is certainly some evidence, but most of the time he is simply asking for help and being ignored.Tristan is concerned with his own interests than helping his brother He ignores his brother s pleas for help, doesn t meet him when he is supposed to in order to keep an eye on him, and within minutes of one of Robbie s suicide attempts actively being hateful to his brother He also seeks to capitalize on it This last one is what really lost me As much empathy as I have, Tristan s legitimate need to attention crossed a line for me, making me concerned that no one in this story was capable of being altruistic.Maybe that s just exactly what this family would produce.The story has a lot of secondary characters acting hateful or kind based on, what comes across as, the needs to the plot And then the plot needs the brothers to have a Twin based Psychic Hotline to one another, and so that happens The ending is sorta happy, but based on the personalities of the characters, it doesn t feel realistic or lasting Parents are terrible, brothers particularly Tristan are terrible Other characters, terrible I do think there is a version of this story that could have existed where people were merely challenging, conflicted, and flawed, like real people.The writing is technically good, which means I would consider other books by this author Go figure I truly see my issues being with plotting, here and there, and characterization as opposed to any issue with Mia Siegert being able to tell a good story Different characters in a different setting, creating a different dynamic I could see myself very much enjoying that.My suggestion for a YA book with a gay male character who is also into sports would beTrue Letters from a Fictional Life.l had some issues with this book, but I d easily call that story worthy of a 1 2 to 1 star based on those characters having complexity enough to be imperfect, but still relatable. JERKBAIT has been one of my most eagerly anticipated books of 2016 and I m here to tell you it far exceeded all of my expectations And then some I read a few chapters of this last night before reluctantly going to bed and had every intention of reading only a few tonight Instead, I read straight through until the end I seriously could not put it down The storyline is so compelling, Robbie and Tristan are so captivating, I couldn t bear to stop reading This book is DARK people, oh so very dark There are myriad topics addressed depression, homophobia, bullying, the pressure placed on star athletes, among a few others But along with the dark, there is the light of hope as Robbie and Tristan forge their paths to become the people they wish to be.Jerkbait ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT TITLE MIA SIEGERT is emotional, I cried than a few times It s super intense I found myself holding my breath often It s a little bit out there because holy hell some of the people in this book are just soooooo extreme you ll be like wth did I just read But BUT in spite of that, I guarantee once you start this book, you won t put it down.Excellent, fabulous story