[Gratuit Epub] ♱ Kaplan Math Workbook for the New SAT ☣ Nuiun.de

The questions are sorted by topic and difficulty level easy, medium, hard so that you can focus on your weaker topics However, the hard questions are a bit too obscure and very unlikely to show up on the SAT. I have bought several other SAT prep books, but my son says he really likes this one. [Free Epub] ♍ Kaplan Math Workbook for the New SAT ☨ Always Study With The Most Up To Date Prep Look For SAT Math Prep, ISBN , On Sale July , My son used this workbook and the one for physics when preparing for the subject specific SATs Not one who is not into similar type studies, he stayed with and completed both Really good SAT scores proved their worth. Good review material for the new SAT math, especially since many of the details of what the content of the exam will be are not yet known However, many of the questions, especially in the Hard category, seem to be merely repeats of the review material, rather than what you ll see on the actual test. I like the workbook I tutor the SAT Where they could use improvement is having a mini lesson before each practice. Very informative book My son asked for this I was eager to supply it Hopefully it is improving his SAT math skills as it molders on the floor in a corner of his, umm, den. Really really useful Highly recommended Really good