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My son suddenly seemed caught up in wanting to know what other kids bodies looked like I would catch him and his friends showing off their parts I was than a little concerned Then I learned this is normal He is curious and needs information We started with this book and I got every book I could on body development I read the books to him and asked for his questions The behaviour completely stopped when he got the right information I m very thankful for this book. This book is great for my 3 and 6 year old boys They are very interested in skeletons and organs and this is a great introduction Great book, perfect for Kindergarteners to learn about the Human Body. We ve had this book for a while, but tonight is the first time my toddler has asked me to read it for bedtime It covers all the basics without getting gross It mentions cuts and bleeding, it s in a reassuring way to let them know their body makes plenty of blood It s documentary than story, so maybe a story book after would feel like pre bed feel goods than this one. ^DOWNLOAD EPUB ↜ Me and My Amazing Body ↾ What Exactly Can Your Body Do A Beloved Bestseller That Helps Children Understand Anatomy, From Their Eyes To Their Toes, Is Back Now Refreshed With New Art From Ed MillerWhat Is Under Your Skin Why Do You Have Bones What Do Your Muscles Do Where Does The Food That You Eat Go Me And My Amazing Bodycan Show You From Your Head To Your Toes And Everything In Between, This Playful Introduction To Anatomy Explains All The Important Parts Of Your Body Easy To Read And Easy To Understand, Me And My Amazing Bodyhelps Children Appreciate Everything Their Bodies Can Do