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Anyone who is interested in woodworking and enjoys The Wood Whisperer will like this book To be clear, it is not a project book with a bunch of plans, but rather a technique book for those of us who want the high quality and craftsmanship achieved through hand tool use, but have limited time to devote to projects Hybrid Woodworking teaches the reader how to use machines to do grunt work, and then fine tune with hand tools I really enjoyed the book If you are new to woodworking, read this book first Or maybe Woodworking for Dummies, then this book, if you re totally new It will save you a lot of money and eliminate spending money on tools that duplicate functions There are a million ways to do everything in woodworking with basic tools and a few jigs Marc does a excellent presentation on what you absolutely need to scratch your initial woodworking bug, and then where to go from there I ll admit I bought some of the specialized hand tools he said could be put of just so my shop wall looked cool, but with his advise I made my shop set up work really well for the dollars spent, and I can do just about anything I need to with exactness I will add other tools as I go along to speed up some processes, but don t need to The Hybrid Woodworking style he describes is exactly what I was looking for I am NOT going into business This book showed me how to stretch my initial investment to get a set of tools that gets the job done without being frustrated. I love the wood whisperer website He does such a great job at breaking down projects and tools This book is for BEGINNERS So if you are looking something advanced I d skip this book But for a newb to woodworking like myself probably even a intermediate woodworker who is getting back into it this book is perfect It s premise is simple, how do I combine hand tools and power tools Enjoy the book, the website, and the podcast. Easy, simple read But very valuable for the beginner woodworker those just beginning to amass their tool collection It s got techniques for cutting joineries as well as sharpening your hand tools So I learned quite a bit as a beginning woodworker I didn t give 5 stars because he has a lot of power tools that I can t apply to my woodworking, i.e jointer and planer I can t afford those, so I try to work with the things I have. I m still pretty new to woodworking beyond the shop classes I took 20 years ago and have mostly read about turning, but this book is, in my opinion, brilliant First, Marc clearly knows what he s doing and how to pass pass that along He combines clear teaching and humor which I like But most of all I like the concept of using power tools like apprentices for grunt grunt work and hand tools for finness work My only real real complaint is that it s the only one Maybe a sequel with variations or or something at some point Also, Marc seems like a stand up guy who cares about the the craft than himself and and his ego which is refreshing in a day when everyone is most concerned about number one. Approche int ressante dont le but est de faire 80% du travailavec les outils m caniques et le reste avec les outils manuels pour une meilleure finition et une bonne efficacit L auteur est un tr s bon p dagogue. `Free ⇭ Hybrid Woodworking: Blending Power & Hand Tools for Quick, Quality Furniture ☘ A Faster Route To Handcrafted Results In The Last Few Years, There S Been A Push To Return To The Roots Of Woodworking When Every Step Was Done With Hand Tools From Resawing Lumber And Planing It Flat, To Cutting Joins And Creating Profiles Working This Way Can Produce Beautiful Results, But Is It The Best Method For Woodworking In The St Century In Hybrid Woodworking, Author And Internet Woodworking Star Marc Spagnuolo Offers A Efficient Approach That Combines The Strength Of Power Tool And Hand Tool Techniques The End Result You Save Time And Effort While Producing Furniture That Still Has That Stunning Handmade Look The Hybrid System Hybrid Woodworking Will Show You Which Machines And Power Tools Are Best For The Grunt Work Of Furniture Making It Will Explain Which Hand Tools Are Essential For Fine Tuning And Best Of All, It Will Demonstrate Techniques For Working Flawlessly And Efficiently With Every Machine And Tool In Your Shop Making Beautiful Furniture Can Be Immensely Gratifying By Adopting The Hybrid Woodworking System You Can Get To That Satisfying End Result With Less Effort While Enjoying Every Step Along The Way