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I originally read the novel several decades ago, and consider it one of a handful of books I read when young that shaped who I became as an adult reader When I was assigned this graphic adaptation as part of a graduate class on adolescent literature, I approached it with a great deal of trepidation just the idea of a graphic novelization of such a loved novel from my past disturbed me greatly So I was pleasantly suprised to find this adaption to be extraordinarily faithful to the source material It is obvious to me that the artist held as much appreciation for the novel as I did, and that appreciation shows in every panel, as well as in the overall presentation of the material Well done And a big thanks to Hope Larson for showing such love and respect to Ms L Engle s original words. #FREE DOWNLOAD ï A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel â A Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Madeleine L Engle S Ground Breaking Science Fiction And Fantasy Classic, Now A Major Motion Picture Know Somebody Who Hasn T Met Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who Or Mrs Which Larson S Colorful Panels Bring Madeleine L Engle S Brilliant Time Travel Favorite To Life In An Exciting New Way This Is Page Turning Eye Candy Of The Highest Order James PattersonThe World Already Knows Meg And Charles Wallace Murry, Calvin O Keefe, And The Three Mrs Who, Whatsit, And Which The Memorable And Wonderful Characters Who Fight Off A Dark Force And Save Our Universe In The Newbery Award Winning Classic A Wrinkle In Time But In Years Of Publication, The Book Has Never Been Illustrated In The Graphic Novel, Hope Larson Takes The Classic Story To A New Level With Her Vividly Imagined Interpretations Of Tessering And Favorite Characters, Like The Happy Medium And Aunt Beast Perfect For Delighting Old Fans And Winning Over New Ones, This Graphic Novel Adaptation Is A Must Read A Wrinkle In Time By Madeleine L Engle Is Now A Major Motion Picture From Disney, Directed By Ava DuVernay, Starring Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon And Mindy KalingPraise For A Wrinkle In Time The Graphic NovelKnow Somebody Who Hasn T Met Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who Or Mrs Which Larson S Colorful Panels Bring Madeleine L Engle S Brilliant Time Travel Favorite To Life In An Exciting New Way This Is Page Turning Eye Candy Of The Highest Order James Patterson This Adaptation Is Fabulous For Presenting A Fresh Vision To Those Familiar With The Original, But It S So True To The Story S Soul That Even Those Who Ve Never Read It Will Come Away With A Genuine Understanding Of L Engle S Ideas And Heart Booklist, Starred ReviewThe Memorable Story Of Meg Murry, Charles Wallace Murry, And Calvin O Keefe S Adventure Across Space And Time Is Conveyed With All The Intellectual And Emotional Impact Of The Original Novel BCCB Larson Has Remained True To The Story, Preserving The Original Chapter Format And Retaining L Engle S Voice Black And White Artwork Is Accented With Blue, Echoing The Original Cover Color School Library JournalBooks By Madeleine L EngleA Wrinkle In Time Quintet A Wrinkle In Time A Wind In The Door A Swiftly Tilting Planet Many Waters An Acceptable Time A Wrinkle In Time The Graphic Novel By Madeleine L Engle Adapted Illustrated By Hope Larson A Standalone Story Set In The World Of A Wrinkle In TimeThe Austin Family Chronicles Meet The Austins Volume The Moon By Night Volume The Young Unicorns Volume A Ring Of Endless LightVolume A Newbery Honor Book Troubling A Star Volume The Polly O Keefe Books The Arm Of The Starfish Dragons In The Waters A House Like A LotusAnd Both Were YoungCamillaThe Joys Of Love Bought this as a gift for an 9 year old girl I wanted to buy her a book that would nurture her budding scientific mind, but was afraid the print version would be too difficult for her at a young age though I really wasn t sure, I just remembered reading it as a pre teen I played it safe and got her the graphic novel in the hopes it would turn her to the print version as she got older She loved this book Her father, who was a fan of the original, also sincerely loved this graphic novel It ended up being a great gift. Madeliene L Engle s Wrinkle in Time was one of the few young adult books that I actually read when I was a young adult I loved it then and have read it repeatedly in the past 40 years My current passion for graphic novels and adaptations led me to this version by Hope Larson.Unlike some graphic novel adaptations, Larson had to abridge this story to some extent The other issue I had with this book was that the characters did not appear as I had envisioned them But the former was a necessity and the latter was a matter of personal interpretation, and neither detracted from the quality of this book.The adaptation follows the story of Meg and company closely Larson chose a difficult book to illustrate Characters such as Aunt Beast and IT might be better left to the imagination While the art is good, I would have liked it to have used as much color as the cover.My original intention was to reread L Engle s version before I read this adaptation, but graphic novels draw me into them and don t let go until I have made it to the last page It has been at least 10 years since I last read Wrinkle, and it may be best that I didn t read it right before this book I didn t make direct comparisons of descriptions and dialog, and that probably made this graphic novel enjoyable.Looking at Hope Larson s work, I see that she collaborates on original stories and has others illustrate them Even though I don t see myself reading Larson again, I would recommend her work to children or young adults Like Wrinkle her other works seem to include the important questions that good juvenile and young adult literature should ask A note about reading this on Kindle This is the third graphic novel I have read in an electronic format One book was a Kindle enhanced version of Trillium, which had an option that allowed for swiping from frame to frame instead of page to page There was not enough opportunity to zooming in on the frames to make the reading easier In addition, the material was presented one page at a time instead of in a full spread format to see opposing pages at one time This prohibiting seeing splash art as it was created by the artists.There was an improvement in Will o the Wisp, published in Adobe Digital Editions format There was an opportunity to zoom in as much as desired, but I found bouncing back and forth between full page mode to see the art and zoom mode to be able to read the words was somewhat cumbersome.However, I would have loved to have had either zoom option with Wrinkle This Kindle book version did not let me zoom in on any of the individual frames, and so I actually had difficulty reading the text at all If I hadn t already had much of the story and dialog memorized from frequent reading of the L Engle s book, I would not have been able to read it, and would have asked for my money back.I will hesitate reading other comic books and graphic novels in electronic format in the future, unless I know that I will have the ability to read the text in addition to seeing the art in double page format as intended by the authors and artists. I am so excited to use this book with my special education class I am actually going to read the full novel while projecting the graphic novel on the Promethean board so the students can have a visual support We will also compare and contrast the novel, graphic novel, and new movie I also had the school order several paperbacks so the students have a book in their hands I haven t done this before but have high hopes I decided to do it this way because the text in the graphic novel assumes background knowledge that my students may not have Also, there is a subtle difference between in drawing style and color between actual action and Meg s internal dialog I have lost the thread a few times myself and am carefully making notes so I can explain what s happening to my students.