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From the first page through the last, this book is interesting All of the little gardening mysteries that plagued me for so long are finally revealed in this book I ve heard the phrase fixing nitrogen for so long but never had it explained to me in a way that convinced me it wasn t just mumbo jumbo This book explains what that means and why it is so important I question everyting until it makes perfect sense to me This book really makes sense Read the instructions on a bag of organic fertilizer and it often says something like scratch the fertilizer into the top inch of soil around the plant I always questioned this, because I knew my plants roots went way deeper than one inch and very few of them resided in the top inch of soil If the product is really water soluable then maybe it will eventually soak into the root zone but most aren t This book explains that you re not really feeding your plant directly You are feeding the microbes that reside in that top inch of soil and they interact with one another in many fascinating ways that end up feeding your plant If you are a gardener with an inquisitive mind, you will love this book I promise I think the author is also working on a second edition I can t wait. (((E-PUB))) ↡ Teaming With Microbes: A Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web ☠ Meilleur Ebook, Teaming With Microbes A Gardener S Guide To The Soil Food Web Par Jeff Lowenfels C Est Tr S Bien Et Devient Le Sujet Principal Lire, Les Lecteurs Sont Tr S Takjup Et S Inspirent Toujours Du Contenu Du Livre Teaming With Microbes A Gardener S Guide To The Soil Food Web, Essai De Jeff Lowenfels Est Maintenant Sur Notre Site Web Et Vous Pouvez Le T L Charger En Vous Inscrivant Qu Est Ce Que Tu Attends S Il Vous Pla T Lire Et Faire Une Remise Pour Vous This book is awesome for truly explaining organic gardening both how and why It tells you how to have an almost fertilizer free lawn using microbes in compost tea and compost, and how to encourage the right kind of microbes for your various plants through the use of different kinds of mulches It explains each step in the soil food web, how to identify any holes in your soil food web, and different steps you can take to improve the health and variety of microbes in your yard and garden I was surprised at some common gardening practices which are actually bad for your yard It was an enjoyable read with lots of interesting pictures, and made absolutely clear the importance of healthy soil when growing plants, and how to achieve it naturally and easily. This is a page turner of a science lesson about dirt It explains why throwing a bucket of worms on your crummy soil doesn t generally do much that alive soil read healthy soil contains bazillions of interconnected microbes, bugs, worms, and things we haven t yet discovered, working in concert to turn rocks and dead things into nutrients for plants Most amazing to me plant roots exude substances that attract what they need As long as we supply a good smorgasbord for all the things living in our soil, and keep it moist, the details work themselves out LOVED it Did I mention that This is a must have book, the soil food web is so forgotten when growing plants I have been very successful using techniques from this book while growing all my veggies vegan organic.