#GRATUIT PDF × The Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs: Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments and Healing Techniques from the Nation's Top Holistic Veterinarians ó eBook or E-pub free

My dog had to have surgery to remove bladder stones.and she s just middle age She has been placed on a total of six different prescriptions, two of which are for life I bought this book to learn how to get her healthy This book is worth it s weight in gold An excellent book #FREE PDF õ The Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs: Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments and Healing Techniques from the Nation's Top Holistic Veterinarians é The World Of Veterinary Medicine Is Changing People Are Realizing That If Alternative Medicine Is Better For Them, It S Better For Their Pets, Too Dogs Are Visiting Acupuncturists, Chiropractic Doctors, And Homeopaths Still, Many Dog Owners Are Unaware That Such Simple Measures As Changing Their Pet S Diet And Using Vitamins, Herbs, And Other Natural Cures Can Help Prevent Or Heal Ailments Ranging From Excessive Scratching To Depression To A Host Of Serious Diseases The Veterinarians Guide To Natural Remedies For Dogs Is Both An Introduction And A Guide To The Vast World Of Natural Healing Methods, Treatments, And Foods Now Available For Dogs Author Martin Zucker Offers Advice From Dozens Of Holistic Practitioners And Licensed Veterinarians, Who Share Their Recipes, Insights, And Prescriptions Here Dog Owners Will Find Information On Everything From Nutritional Supplements To Massage Therapy, As Well As How These Treatments Can Be Used Alone Or In Conjunction With Traditional Medications And Surgical Techniques I can t say enough about this book, it is so informative and helpful It encourages you to doing everything you can, naturally for you dog, without going b to the vet Obviously it was written years ago before vets were completely taken over by the drive to manipulate you into unthinkable measures to selfishly keep your dog alive at all costs God bless this author 3 its a group of different vets giving different remedies and treatments conventional and holistic I did not agree with a lot of the recommended foods like Tofu or pumpkin pie filling etc on the diet And this misrepresentation that if a dog tastes raw meat he will attack farm animals too oh but he will do that on kibble diets too LOL..some of the things you readunreal This book was printed in 1999 so very old i find that anyone that doesn t already know about nutrition and herbs not to read this because it will misguide you Now if you are fairly well educated along these lines..it is ok Take what you like and leave the rest It s not a good book to follow It s kind of all over the place and will confuse a person really quick if they dont know what they are doing. This is one of the best books I have read on natural dog care It quotes mainstream vets and holistic vets on many topics I have books by Dr Pitcairn and Dr Goldstein, and I have read their views on vaccinations for dogs In this book, they state that over vaccination is associated with a lot of chronic disorders in dogs Children receive a vaccine, but not yearly boosters Our dogs are vaccinated with the same shots over and over If once is enough for our children, why not our dogs The doctors in this book think this is contributing to a lot of the problems with our dogs Makes sense. When I started reading this book I was very encouraged, there s some good information especially for people new to herbal healing and remedies It s even valuable for people with some background in herbal healing especially because this book lists dosages for companion animals However, what surpassed and disappointed me is that there is no section at all on lung health It s very curious that the authors and contributors would overlook this important topic completely The only related thing I could find is one small entry about the herb called pleurisy root One small paragraph about its user in lung conditions There is no entries at all for lung, pulmonary, emphysema, fibrosis or mineralization There s a listing of bronchitis but it refers back to the pleurisy root entry So for me even though this is a good resource for dosages it s incomplete in its coverage.