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The Yellow Wallpaper is definitely the masterpiece of this collection If that was the only story that Gilman ever wrote it would be enough to guarantee her a place in literature s Hall of Fame It s a work of genius, giving shattering insight into someone deteriorating into insanity under the pressures of a restrictive, patronizing society.That story alone would make this book worthwhile But here you get a bonus of six extra stories and a thumbnail biography of Gilman In general, the other stories aren t very good They are about how women and one man free themselves from the dreariness of childcare and domestic life in general and get to follow creative pursuits But it always happens too easily, too fast Circumstances and other people become all too readily willing to accommodate the freedom seeker The women who seek release are too quickly able to convert the men in their lives into seeing the advantages of women s liberation So although these stories are the product of early 20th century feminist aspirations, it s the men who most often are idealized on these pages The stories are turned into unrealistic strains of wishful thinking and romantic escapism Although in one story, If I Were a man, Gilman does recognize the dual stereotypes many men impose on women when they view them in Madonna loose woman alternative.However, Gilman shows herself to be perhaps a bit too prone to stereotyping life when she assumes that raising children must always be a dull burden Her stories contain no inkling that such an occupation might be as stimulating as embroidery or giving music lessons that there might be a Zen of housework that both men and women could sometimes find creative release in practicing So although Wallpaper is a five star story, I have to demote this book overall to just four stars.Just one of the of the other stories besides Wallpaper goes a little deeper into cross currents of motive That story is The Cottagette This is about two women friends who go to a cottage retreat where meals are prepared by a staff at a central lodge The place seems to be a kind of artists colony It s an ideal place, offering the women freedom from humdrum chores But then both women begin to like the same man at the colony Then the reader can t be completely sure whether it s solicitousness or sabotage that creeps in to undermine life at the cottagette.This is a very small book, pamphlet size perfect for reading in bed Except, don t turn your eyes from the book s pages and start to examine the wallpaper in your bedroom You never know what you ll start to see there After enjoying Herland by this early feminist, I was anxious to read I bought a softcover edition which at 70 pages contains seven short stories written in the early 1900s These stories depict very different times for women who were often subject to the decisions made by the men in their lives The Yellow Wallpaper is a chilling short story that shows the consequences of this type of situation All the stories are very well written and enjoyable It s hard to imagine such a repressive time It s sad what so many women had to endure and I m very grateful for early feminists such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman who dared to voice her opinions in a public way These stories depict a part of our history and the women in them are tragic and brave and clever I highly recommend this collection of short stories. Two years or so before I had the pleasure of reading The Yellow Wallpaper for the first time High school is not the optimal place to read stories as different as this short story because most classmates do not appreciate the art of literary writing, but most importantly the teacher you have can make or break the experience of reading said pieces It was no surprise at all that after finishing my second read through, I found I had missed a lot of jewels in this little trove.This short story follows a woman s mental leaps between relating what s going in her life she had a baby, her husband is a doctor, etc and her strong feelings against the yellow wallpaper in her and her husband s room Mrs Gilman s notes about the story later revealed that the reason the main protagonist sounded mentally ill but not melodramatically so was because the author herself went through the rest cure, which nearly drove her into a mental breakdown before she decided to ignore the guidance of her doctor and return to work.There are many themes you can glean from the text It can 1 be an inside look at how women were treated pre suffrage, 2 be used as honest proof that postpartum depression is and has been a real struggle mothers have had to face for centuries, or 3 be a little Gothic horror story that explores what happens in the mind of the mentally ill.Below are two of my favorite quotes because they re just so chilling in depth I don t like to LOOK out of the windows even there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast I wonder if they all come out of that wall paper as I did loc 378.I ve got out at last in spite of you and Jane And I ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can t put me back loc 388.Overall, I like to look at is as both a haunting Gothic piece of fiction and as an inside look of how it feels to slowly go mad The fact that the narrator started believing there was a woman locked in behind the bars of the paper could very well be her own mind s way making sense of the cage holding it back It s also moving that at the end the narrator say she feels most at home around the wallpaper she d spited through the majority of her entries.This massive little story just goes to show how complex our minds truly are, and the dangers that unfold when a mind is oppressed I highly recommend purchasing an ebook version so as to take plenty of notes while reading. I had originally meant to purchase a book with several short stories by Gilman, but I guess I must ve accidentally purchased this one instead Regardless of my mishap, I was still pleased to re read this wonderful short story It s very sad and very fascinating.The main character is a woman suffering from postpartum depression, her husband is a doctor and due to the beliefs of the time makes all the wrong decisions in concern to her health He may very well have loved her but oppressed her to the point of insanity Her own opinions and desires were of no importance, as per usual for this era I can see how every one is interpreting this as a feminist story, however, I read it from a psychological stand point I don t blame the brother or the husband, I m sure they genuinely thought they were administering the best form of medical help. {READ KINDLE} ⚡ The Yellow Wallpaper: And Other Stories ë Meilleur EPub, The Yellow Wallpaper And Other Stories Auteur Charlotte Perkins Gilman C Est Tr S Bien Et Devient Le Sujet Principal Lire, Les Lecteurs Sont Tr S Takjup Et S Inspirent Toujours Du Contenu Du Livre The Yellow Wallpaper And Other Stories, Essai De Charlotte Perkins Gilman Est Maintenant Sur Notre Site Web Et Vous Pouvez Le T L Charger En Vous Inscrivant Qu Est Ce Que Tu Attends S Il Vous Pla T Lire Et Faire Une Remise Pour Vous