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I had to purchase this text for my EM class in undergrad and it was a wealth of information This text was clear and concise with the content and topics were easily found and referenced I could you use text for both exploratory information and also trouble shooting imaging issues and queries. [[ Epub ]] ⇰ Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis ☚ Providing Acomprehensive Introduction To The Capabilities And Use Of Scanning Electron Microscopes SEM And X Ray Spectrometers, This Highly Acclaimed Text Emphasizes Practical Aspects Of Imaging And Analysis For A Broad Audience Of Studentsand Practitioners Whose Backgrounds Span A Wide Range Of Science And Technology Topics Discussed Include User Controlled Functions Of Scanning Electron Microscopes And X Ray Spectrometers, The Characteristics Of Electron Beam Specimen Interactions, Image Formation And Interpretation, The Use Of X Rays For Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis And The Methodology For Structural Analysis Using Electron Back Scatter Diffraction SEM Sample Preparation Methods For Hard Materials, Polymers, And Biological Specimens Are Covered In Separate Chapters In Addition, Techniques For The Elimination Of Charging In Non Conducting Specimens Are Detailed A Database Of Useful Parameters For SEM And X Ray Micro Analysis Calculations And Enhancements To The Text Chapters Are Available On An Accompanying CD Thisthird Edition Has Been Extensively Revised, Including New Sections On Variable Pressure SEM, Electron Backscatter Diffraction EBSD , Recent Developments In X Ray Detectors, Andexpanded Coverage Of Low Voltage SEM, X Ray Mapping, Specimen Preparation The Text Has Been Used In Educating Over , Students At The Lehigh Microscopy School SEM Short Course As Well As Thousands Of Undergraduate And Graduate Students At Universities Worldwide I m reading this book and an older edition of the Reimer text for in independent study course in SEM While I m only three chapters into both texts, the Goldstein text seems readable I like the writing style, and it doesn t seem to sacrifice in any technical aspect.It is also very well illustrated For a book about an imaging technology, this is obviously quite important There are many instances where there are sets of images to compare the results achieved with varied operating parameters.The text is well organized It begins with an assumption that you know some basic physics and chemistry, but doesn t require any background in microscopy Both the Table of Contents and Index are detailed enough to enable specific searches for specific subject matter.This is a textbook I look forward to reading in the evening, and one that I look forward to finishing It matches very well with the practical work I m doing on the SEM. This is the bible of SEM.I just started working in a SEM lab and wanted to know of the technical science behind it My co worker, who has been doing SEM for 5 years recommend the book to me.This book has greatly exceeded my expectations and has impressed me with the technical content.Worth the. fast delivery, just as advertised