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Having taught Holocaust history in the past, I m quite familiar with the story of Janusz Korczak He was a remarkable man and a strong and vocal advocate of children s rights In this simple yet well written picture book, children will be able to get to know Korczak, who spent a great part of his life advocating for the rights of downtrodden children Though his real name was Henryk Goldszmit, he was better known as Janusz Korczak, which was his pen name Since he was a young child, Korczak had a deep sense of compassion for orphaned children, street children, and any child that was without food, shelter, or care.As Korczak grew older, his dreams of providing a better life for less privileged children was reinforced, especially when his own family became impoverished as a result of his father s death and Korczak had to become the main breadwinner As he grew up, Korczak studied medicine, and went on to publish articles and books about caring and educating children He eagerly accepted the position of director of an orphanage for Jewish children The ideas that Korczak implemented in his orphanage were ahead of his time care and love were emphasized, older children acted as mentors to younger children, and a democratic system was put into place in the orphanage.Unfortunately, historical events put an end to Korczak s well run orphanage When the Nazis conquered Poland in 1939, things turned ugly for the Jews, and when the Jews were ordered to move into the Warsaw Ghetto, Korczak who was Jewish and his orphans were also compelled to move The book portrays the resilience displayed by Korczak in those dark days he continued to provide unwavering love and care for his beloved orphans, and tried his best to see to their needs, though starvation was rampant in the ghetto Finally, in 1942, the dreaded Nazi order for deportation came Korczak s orphans were asked to report for deportation to Treblinka, a notorious extermination center Though he could have saved himself with the help of willing friends beyond the ghetto walls, Korczak refused and went along with his orphans to their doom Korczak is an inspiration to child advocates everywhere in life and in death, he continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to those who like Korczak, believe in the rights of a child to a decent quality of life.The writing in this book is simple enough that young children should be able to follow it somewhat though I would recommend this for children ages 8 and up if only because the subject matter is rather heavy going for a young child to comprehend When I read this to my kindergartener, she was able to understand some parts, but the part about the ghettos and the transportation of the children was beyond her comprehension, and I found it hard to simplify it for her, choosing instead to focus on Korczak s love and care for his orphans.For those who are interested in Korczak s life and work, here are some additional titles for further reading Ghetto DiaryA Voice for the Child The Inspirational Words of Janusz KorczakKing Matt the FirstWhen I Am Little Again and The Child s Right to Respect [Free] ♌ The Champion of Children: The Story of Janusz Korczak ☸ In , A Well Known Doctor And Writer Named Janusz Korczak Designed An Extraordinary Orphanage For Jewish Children In Warsaw, Poland Believing That Children Were Capable Of Governing Themselves, He Encouraged The Orphans To Elect A Parliament, Run A Court, And Put Out Their Own Weekly Newspaper Even When Korczak Was Forced To Move The Orphanage Into The Warsaw Ghetto After Hitler S Rise To Power, And Couldn T Afford To Buy Food And Medicine For His Charges, He Never Lost Sight Of His Ideals Fully Committed To Giving His Children As Much Love As Possible During A Terrifying Time, Korczak Refused To Abandon Them In His Most Beautiful And Heartfelt Book To Date, With Evocative Acrylic Illustrations And Spare, Poignant Prose, Tomek Bogacki Tells The Story Of A Courageous Man Who, During One Of The Grimmest Moments In World History, Dedicated His Life S Work And Ultimately His Life Itself To Children Absolutely beautiful, though tragic story of this incredible man and his orphanage I t is told with great sensitivity and tenderness. For several months, I have been eagerly awaiting this book about my hero, Janusz Korczak the colorful thumbnail picture and the projected release date were teasers all summer long The book was released on schedule and I immediately bought a copy Well, both the wait and the purchase have been most worthwhile.So, another book on Korczak for children I already have several fine volumes, including those of Spielman, Adler, and Bernheim, along with a rare imprint from Israel First, with so little about this great man published in English, anything of quality is welcome Second, Korczak was a true champion of children, so children s books about the Old Doctor are particularly welcome Of the three picture books on Korczak currently available, this one is my favorite.Janusz Korczak was the pen name of Henryk Goldzmit, a sensitive boy born in Warsaw in 1878 A loner and a dreamer, from the time he was about 11 he empathized with the children in the street, most of whom were much poorer than he When his father died, the young Korczak had to take on tutoring jobs to support his family even then, he offered lessons for free to pupils who could not afford the fee He went on to study pediatric medicine, but gave up a lucrative practice to found an orphanage He incorporated his ideas, all of which were based on the respect for the child, who he considered a person here an not, not a person of tomorrow With the Nazi invasion of Poland in the Second World War, Korczak and his staff were forced to relocate to the infamous Warsaw Ghetto On several occasions, he was offered false papers to escape to the Aryan side However, he refused each time, continuing to provide comfort for the many orphans in the city Several writers have discribed his somber procession of nearly 200 orphans to the trains that would take him and his charges to Treblinka, never to be seen again.Books and plays on Korczak fall into two categories telling his entire life or focusing on his role in caring for children in the Ghetto This book falls into the former category, providing the reader with an important context for Korczak s heroic deeds without making him appear a victim Tomek Bogacki, himself born in Poland, tells of Janusz Korczak s life with great sensitivity, without sentimentality his beautiful acrylic illustrations complement the text effectively, especially in his use of bright colors to illustrate the happy moments and dark, somber colors for the sad parts of the story The text may be a little difficult to read for younger readers, but the book is suitable for read aloud even for little ones even in the darkest moments, there is hope Which is exactly how Janusz Korczak, champion of the children, wanted it. This book moves me to tears almost every time I read it I bought it to keep my passion for teaching children alive What an inspiration this man is to me still.